Tea Tree Essential Oil | Therapeutic Grade

Tea Tree Essential Oil | Therapeutic Grade


Tea Tree Essential oil is a steam- distilled oil from the twigs of "Tea Tree". It is one of the most valuable oils owing to its medicinal & beautifying benefits.

  • How To Use

    To Diffuse:


    Add a few drops to water/ oil in an oil diffuser burner.

    Add a few drops to a cotton ball and leave in room to refresh (change as required) 


    For Body/ Hair


    Dilute with carrier oils such as coconut/ sesame/ almond oil.


    Caution: For extrernal use only. Do not use directly on skin.



  • Ingredients

    100% pure Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea tree) Essential Oil.

  • Benefits

    - Can be used for spot treatment of acne.

    - Antibacterial & Anti-fungal

    - For healthy scalp and hair.

    - Combats blemishes and scars

    - Cough & cold relief

  • Delivery & Returns

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