Lavender- The Herb, Oil or Hydrosol?

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Lavendula, commonly known as Lavender derives it's name from the Latin word, Lavare; meaning to wash or bathe. It's no wonder, the fresh camphoreous aroma evokes the feeling of clean.

It is a calming, gentle sedative that is used both as culinary herb and commercially for the extraction of it's oil. It was a popular linen-washing herb in Europe owing to it's aroma, antiseptic qualities and the fact that it could keep insects at bay!

Lavender grows in North Africa, North America, Mediterranean Mountains, South of France and in India. We source our Lavender from the slopes of hills in Himachal Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh both!

Depending upon the use of the product and the results, different varities of Lavender can be used!

Spike Lavender Aroma: Fresh, camphorous and herbaceous aroma

True Lavender Aroma: Soft, floral and herbaceous aroma

Different parts of the Lavender can be used in products as key ingredients, here's a list of products and the parts they contain!

Lavender Hydrosol: Steam distilled water, sourced during the process of extraction of the essential oil from the buds. Has anti-inflammatory, toning properties. Ideal for direct use and for sensitive skin! P.s We mix nothing else with it!

Lavender Essential Oil: Pure, undiluted and therapeutic grade essential oil can be used in shampoos, conditioner, boosting night creams, in baths for relaxation, hair oils, creams and diffusing.

Relax Bath Salts: Epsom and Himalayan salts are natural muscle relaxants, we've added Lavender Oil and dried lavender buds to it in order to boost the luxurious indulgence experience.

Bonne Nuit Pillow Spray: We didn't want you to spoilt your pillows or your linen and so we created a simple, spray and relax pillow spray. So you can just sink into your bed after a long day. Contains a blend of Lavender & Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Bonne Nuit Roll On: The roll oil is a concoction of 6 essential oils including lavender, so you have a travel friendly anti-anxiety partner with you at all times!

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