About Us


At Bath Candy Co. we believe that modern-day ailments that afflict us have ancient remedies.

We combine the purest and highest grade essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs with a modern outlook to create simplified, unique solutions that are fit for the 21st-century lifestyle! 

Carefully sourcing ingredients from nature and staying true to the term ‘organic’, these formulations eliminate harmful synthetic additives, chemicals and


Our products are pure, effective, easy to use and have complete ingredient disclosure.

All our aromatherapy solutions are curated with care, sourced and inspired by Ayurveda with 100% pure essential oils to bring simplified wellness to your doorstep for a luxurious experience.

Meet The Founder

Hi! My name is Jigyasa Malhotra!

Bath Candy was born out of a sheer personal need to manage my symptoms with PCOS & Anxiety as well as my sensitive skin.

Over the years, it went from intuitively concocting in the kitchen to launching a brand in 2018 ! 

Aromatherapy isn't just about a nice smelling room (although, yum!), but about integrating the most potent form of nature and it's gifts into our lifestyle for a holistic healing experience!

If you'd like to chat more about the brand and holistic healing, I'm always happy to!